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The Legal system is something that no one will willingly choose and it can mean some grave hardships for the person locked up in jail and of the family who is trying to make bail to get him/her out of jail fast. Being in jail, no matter what the reason is not an enjoyable experience. It can have lasting effects and prevent a person from attending to his/her responsibilities and less productivity of course means reduced income. Having a criminal record connected to your name is also not a good thing to carry around when seeking employment.

It is essential to find an experienced bail bondsman to post bail; an experienced  local bail bondsman can reduce the time your family member or friend spends behind bars.

Here are some useful tips that can help in finding and hiring the ideal bail bondsman.

 Get to Know Where the Bail Bondsman is Located

It is important to make sure that the bail bonding company has an office located near the court where the bail bonding process will take place. This is essential as getting the jailed person out immediately is very important as well. Finding a bail bonding company that employs professionals that do not need to go long distance just to get to court is very much recommended. Traveling to the court could mean hassles, delays and extra expenses. Aside from the location, another important aspect is to know for sure if the bail bondsman of your choice is available to help you out immediately. You need to keep in mind that time is of an essence here. Even if you have found the most professional person, it will be of no use if he will not be able to help you out instantly. Therefore, it is crucial to find a local bail bondsman that operates on a 24 hour basis.

 Hire a Trustworthy Bail Bonding Firm

It is important as well to assess and properly evaluate the amount set as collateral by the professional before you make a decision. Desperate moments may require desperate measures, and in instances like these, relatives of the jailed person may be obliged to agree to anything. But it is best to take note that it is always important to make sure that you will be paying out a reasonable rate.

 Consider the Bail Bondman’s Reputation

We have earned a good reputation through years of good service. Therefore, it is beneficial to trust us to provide full and quick assistance. Asking for referrals is one good way to make sure that the company of your choice is highly reputed. We have plenty to share upon request.

A bail bonding firm managed by many professionals is a better option because it means that there will be someone available to answer every clients’ needs. You can try getting in touch with A Better Bail Bond Company, we are a very reputable bail bonding firm that can give you the service that you need. We have been doing bail bonding services for many years now and have worked with many clients who have been highly satisfied.


When a friend or loved one is arrested you should seek the services of a bail bond agent to get them released from jail. The price is typically 10% of the bail amount.  Most consider this a small fee to pay to get released from jail and resume normal activities. Once you pay the bail bond company they are released from jail.

There are “terms of release” set by the court and additional requirements of the bail bondsman. If the defendant fails to comply with the terms of the bail, their bail will be revoked and they will have to return to jail.

The defendant stands to lose quite a bit if the bail is revoked, their freedom, bond fee, and even future chances of future release.

Having Bail  Bond Revoked Is Very Costly For the Defendant

If a defendant’s bail is revoked, they end up back in jail and the bail money is lost. According to the bail bond contract, when the defendant is released from jail, the fee is earned.

If the bail terms are violated and the bail bond agent or the Judge revokes the bond, the bail bond company will not refund the bail fee. If for some reason you go back to jail and wish to be bonded out of jail, you have to start over with a new contract and another bail bonding fee.

In some instances, the Court may not grant the defendant another bond. It is very important for both the defendant and the person who secured the bond to fully understand the bail bond rules. Also, it is very important to understand the “terms of release” of both the bond contract and the Court. Take time and speak with your bail bondsman and ask questions if you do not understand.

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Read To Discover What A Bail Bond Is!

Is your loved one in trouble with the law? Do need money to post bail?  Then no matter what time of the day, you can always find a Houston bail bond agent to help you post bail. Depending on the offense they are charged with will determine the amount. When you pay the money, you are guaranteeing that they will appear for all court appearances. If they appear as promised, then your money will be refunded to you. The court wants to give you a chance to stay at home with your family. So the money you have to pay may be low enough that it’s not too much for you to pay, but high enough that you will want to recover by making sure that your loved one appears.

Now Here’s How A Bail Bond Works.

If you are still unable to pay the bail, you can hire a bail bond agent. The bondsman fee is about 10-15 % of the bail amount. The bonding company then pays the court the entire amount of the bond as a surety that they will appear in court court. If they appear as promised, then the money that the court refunds at the end of your bail period will be given back to the bail bond company. So they will be able to stay out of jail by paying much less and the agent will have made money.

But they don’t appear in court, the bail bonding company will lose money. As insurance the bonding company will usually ask you to provide a guarantor. A person who can to sign a bond with the bondsman guaranteeing to pay the entire bail amount if you jump bail. Alternately, you may be asked to provide collateral, a credit card payment, mortgage deeds or vehicle title etc. Your collateral will be returned once they make all court appearances.

Before you or a friend sign a bail bond as your guarantor, you should ask questions to make sure you know the terms of the contract. Also make sure you know what will be done with your collateral when you sign for a bail bond. A Better Bail Bond can assist you with this entire process.

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Unsure of the type of Bail Bond that you need?

Bail is a kind of assurance deposited  by an accused person so that they may leave court while waiting for the next hearing or trial. This allows the arrested person to remain free from being locked  up to the time the next trial is heard. Payment is the security the court imposes to the accused to make sure that they will appear in future court hearing dates.

There are various types of bail bonds one can consider or can be granted. The bail is imposed by the court and might be too high for the accused person to afford. This is where the bail bond comes in. The accused is allowed to pay a percentage of the value, and the rest of the value being secured by a bond. The bonding company gets its profit by adding interest on the money put on the bail bond.

There are several types of bonds that people can use to get out of jail. The availability of the bond will majorly depend on your specific case situations and the purpose of the bond. The following are the types of bonds that can be taken.

Cash bonds: These types of bonds are bonds ordered by the court to be paid by a defendant who according to the court assessment can be trusted, but at the same time, they are charged with committing a crime. In cases of less serious offenses and if the accused appears to be harmless to the public and having a track record of compliance to the court rulings, the person is ordered to pledge compliance to the next hearing schedule and pay some form of administrative fee.

Other defendants may pose a risk of flight or non-compliance to appear for the next hearing. The judge may impose a huge value of cash to be paid. This is where the accused looks for an available cash bond from a bail bondsman.

Another type of bond is an immigration bail bond.

Those who travel to other countries and are accused of committing crimes are taken to the local courts in the host country. These courts may rule that they give a bond for them to be released. To obtain a bond in such a circumstance is difficult because the bailing agency faces major risks of flight by the accused. This makes the bond very expensive to obtain due to individual status’ complexity and bondsman’s risk assessment.

A Surety  Bond is the  third example of bail bond.

This form of bond  has an attached set of conditions to be satisfied by the accused in compensation towards the claimant. Surety bonds are used in many construction contracts and ensure honesty. Another type for Surety is when the agent has a set of conditions for release such as rehabilitation treatment programs.

The fourth example is federal bail, which are used when a person is accused of federal crimes. These are very expensive because of the complexity of handling the recovery process and the court proceedings. A Better Bail Bond can assist you with all of your Houston, Texas Bail Bond needs.

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